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Mountain village on the north slope of the Ida Mountains in Crete

Anoghia: Site Map

Anogia is one of Crete's highest mountain villages, and besides the biggest one.

The people of Anogia were allways highly respected for their musical tradition and all over Crete they have a reputation for their excellent dancers and folkloristic musicians.

Some of the best families of musicians come from Anogia (Xylouris, Skoulas).

Anogia: Hotel Delina and Ida mountains
Slide show | Anogia: Hotel Delina and Ida mountains

A treasure of the village is a tiny private museum that exhibits outstanding objects of the painter and sculptor ▶ Alkibiades Skoulas.

In his old ages he began to paint the memories of his life.

Being a center for sheep and goat breeding, ▶ Anogia is also well known for its beautiful woven goods.

Road distance: 49 km

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