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Historical village and spring in Crete

Arghiroupolis: Site Map

Argiroupolis stands on the areal of the ancient town of Lappa, above the western bay of Rethymnon, some 9 kms South of the coast.

By the lower village border there is a spring with picturesque cascades, which over a distance of 23 kms provides the town of Rethymnon with drinking-water.

The kafenion with no name in Argiroupolis
Slide show | The kafenion with no name in Argiroupolis

The village is a popular destination for excursions as it has typical tavernas (one of them breeding their own trouts), traditional kafenions and bars, a small museum, and fascinating views of the peaceful surroundings, of the White Mountains (Lefka Ori) and the Aegean Sea.

The excavation site of Lappa is just next door.

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