Chora Sfakion

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Fishing village on the western south coast of Crete

Hora Sfakion: Site Map

Chora Sfakion at the first glance gives the impression of a sleepy south coast village where time stands still.

Twice per day, things however change when the ferry boat from Paleochora via Sougia and Agia Roumeli arrives.

One can then experience how the infrastructure of Crete was organized during the Minoan Age when country roads did not exist: Ships were steadily travelling around the island and connecting all the bigger and smaller ports and townships.

Sfakia: Port of Hora Sfakion
Slide show | Sfakia: Port of Hora Sfakion

In the meantime, you can make yourself comfortable in one of the tavernas by the port, and watch cars and trucks assembling for the next boat.

Or you can fit in a side-trip e.g. via Anopoli to Aradena and its famous valley bridge, or follow the uncounted serpentine bends up to Imbros village which is famous as well, for the pancake with cheese and thyme honey.

Road distance: 67 km

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