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Bathing beach on the southern west coast of Crete

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Elafonissi means "Stag Island". There are no stags on Crete anymore since long, but the small island by the south-western edge of the big island still exists.

A reef of red coral connects the two islands, while the neighbouring coastline consists from fine white sand.

The wind and the waves transport plenty of this sand to the top of the reef during springtime, and in late summer at low tide, one can walk from one island to the other on dry foot.

Elafonissi: View of the coral reef from the island
Slide show | Elafonissi: View of the coral reef from the island

The winter storms will then clean the reef's edges again and allow the corals to continue growing until next year's springtime.

The reef with its pink edges, the neighbouring white beaches, and the blue sea around make almost a South Sea paradise.

Only the palm trees are missing, there are shady tamarisk trees instead.

Road distance: 147 km

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